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Who are we ?

In the simulation adventure we started as Hakan DAĞHAN and Efe DAĞHAN, we have reached today by advancing ourselves. As a matter of fact, our love of aviation as a father-son was to spend a pleasant time flying with simulation. The airports and different plane painting in the simulation caught our attention and we thought why we don't do them.

We think we have managed to move ourselves forward through a long research, trial and error. Of course, the appreciation belongs to you, our valuable users. In Izmir and Antalya, we start from our homes, our computers, and reach your computers, the world of simulation.

Hakan DAĞHAN, whose name we define as "Scenery" in the world of virtual flight and simulation, in airport, building modeling, bellows work and landscaping,

Efe DAĞHAN manufactures the products we define as "Livery" with its name in the world of aircraft painting, namely virtual flight and simulation, mentioned in our article.

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